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The municipality Schoenbach

was first mentioned in a document in 1306. The whole territory extends to a length of 3.2 km and is situated within the nature reserve "Oberlausitzer Bergland". Schoenbach is surrounded by large forests, predominantly consisting of oak and deciduous trees.

Since 1972 the community has been a state - approved holiday resort and it offers its visitors holiday flats and guest-houses as good facilities for recreation and a pleasent stay.

Architectural features of the region are the numerous houses built in timber - framed - houses. They are unique evidence of a long history of the work of carpenters, stonemasons, manual workers and farmers.


The church with its bronze chime, the thatched timber - framed - houses in the "Low Village" as well as the disused quarry are other beautiful sites.

Besides there are some biotopes, natural monuments and trees which are worth of protection.

Schoenbach has got a kindergarten. In the last years the clubs have become more active. Numerous events and parties organized by the clubs offer inhabitants and guests a varied leisure time.

You can reach Schoenbach via the A4 from Dresden to Bautzen and then on the B6 to Neusalza-Spremberg. Then you can directly go to Schoenbach by the S151 ( direction Loebau ).